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davide ugolini

Passionate about sports and adventure in particular: triathlon, ultra running, ultra biking and outdoor
expeditions. Environmental guide and trail running instructor with a passion for athletic training and route marking.


Born in the fast lane: this is how his dad used to describe Davide.

Since he was one year old, he gave up walking for running and has never stopped since!

Born with a dedication to all endurance and adventure sports, he turned his passion into a career by dedicating himself to triathlon, ultra running and ultra biking.

His experience in races and expeditions around the world has taught him the importance of determination, management and resilience. He has a lot of passion and loves to share his
knowledge and experience with others, helping them to achieve their sporting and adventurous goals.

Most significant experiences

Ultra Trail:






Trail Marking:

- Mauna to Mauna, Hawaii

- LUT, Italy

- G2G, Arizona, USA

- Tuscany Crossing, Italy



- Ironman Italy

- Ironman South Africa

- Ironman Spain

- Ironman France



- Santiago de Compostela

- Oman Expedition

- Italy Coast to Coast